Saturday, 10 October 2009

Environmentalism or Individualism?

Here we are linking to the manifesto published in 2003 and written by Robert James Bidinotto - an award-winning writer who reports on cultural and political issues from the philosophic perspective of principled individualism. During the past fifteen years he has established a reputation as one of the leading opponents and critics of environmentalism.

(...) we don't live in a mythical Eden. We live on a planet where the struggle to survive is an implacable fact of nature. And those of us who do wish to survive--and thrive--can no longer afford to remain on the moral defensive. We can no longer afford to remain agnostic and mute about the philosophical issues at the root of the attacks on our lives and livelihoods. We can't expect to rally public support against the environmentalists if we fail to challenge, openly and unapologetically, the moral assumptions underlying their efforts.

We encourage you to read it all.


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